Jim B. - Yelp

Carlos and Denise have been superb in helping us with three real estate transactions the last couple years. They are the most prompt and professional individuals that I have ever dealt with! When the time came to close the deal they were tenacious in their negotiations regardless of buying or selling a property. I would highly advise anyone to work through them if they are trying to seal the deal as they are an excellent team.

Laura D. - Yelp

Carlos helped me buy my awesome loft in SOMA and was extremely professional and thorough. I respected his opinion and felt very satisfied that he would make the best deal for my property. Unlike other agents who just send you lists and don't know the market, he took the time to understand my needs and viewed several properties for me and finally recommended the one he felt was the best investment. He has been in the business for several years and also is an avid real estate investor himself. I would recommend his services to anyone! There is a major difference between real estate agents and he made it very clear that he is dedicted to his craft!

Ewen Denney - Yelp

would recommend our realtor, Carlos Padilla, Intero Real Estate, who helped us buy a house in 2008.

On our first meeting, he clearly explained the process to us and explained, diplomatically, what we could afford. I was very impressed by his scrupulous politeness at all times. This may not matter to everyone but I think it demonstrates respect and professionalism, as well as his being a nice guy. Sadly these days, many people you have to deal with seem to think politeness is optional. He also showed an attention to detail with all the paperwork and during the house inspections.

Carlos also helped us a lot with many auxiliary matters, such as finding contractors to sort out various issues with the house we bought. Lastly, now that we have moved he is still in touch with us and offering to help with any more house-related matters that might arise.

Jon Hellesoe - Yelp

Carlos & Denise Padilla are the finest team for your Real Estate needs in the Bay Area! Sound like a commercial? I would gladly star in one if they ever needed an endorsement.

I'm in the process of purchasing my second home and have been amazed at the level of patience, competence, and professionalism these two bring to the table.

My last experience was - putting it lightly - excruciating! Phone calls and emails were never returned. Carlos and Denise are on top if it and I've always received a prompt and friendly response right away.

This go around has been a dream and I can't thank them enough.

Buying a home is hard enough. I've had a really great time with Carlos & Denise throughout this entire experience. Thanks to you both! My wife and I couldn't be happier.

Update: Carlos closed the deal today on my dream home. Carlos is the best in the business... period. Thanks so much!

Doug Miller - Yelp

Carlos and Denise simply "Rock".

They helped my wife and I find and purchase a great investment duplex in San Jose. After months of searching for the right realtor's we finally found them.

They gave me all the support we needed, such that my 37 week pregnant wife and I had no concerns in our minds what-so-ever as we signed title and funded out purchase. I attribute this lack of any stress what-so-ever on Carlos and Denise doing such a great job educating us, giving use everything thing we needed to make the best decisions for our growing family..

They are professional, friendly, and always responsive to questions regardless of how silly.

I plan to use them again on any real estate I'm planning on purchasing or selling. They are smart, organized, professional, friendly, and at all times were looking to do the right thing for me and my family regardless of impact to timelines, their compensation, or any other concerns.

They provided recommendations for painters, flooring, general contractors, gardners, etc.

I simply couldn't have done it without them, and I look forward to continuing to work with them, and continue the friendship begun during or acquisition of the duplex

Martin Curiel - Yelp

Carlos is an amazing realtor. I used him to purchase a house in 2011. He is extremely intelligent and resourceful. The real estate business is full of pushy sales people that possess little knowledge of anything substantive. Carlos is a former electrical engineer who really knows his stuff. He was great in educating our family in terms of the market and buying process. When we did buy our house, he was instrumental in giving us contacts to do landscaping, painting, and other household services, which saved us thousands!!!

I recommend him without reservation. Great job.

Roberta M. - Yelp

Carlos is the best real estate agent I've ever worked with. He goes way above and beyond what is required of him as an agent. From helping me mange my investment to advice on getting the best contractors and tenants. I trust him to give me advice that's best for my situation. Although I have my broker's license, i work with him to handle my personal transactions. Carlos and Denise make a great team. I'm glad that people with this kind of integrity are in the business. They give real estate a good name. There are many examples. One I appreciate finishing up my taxes today is they sent the escrow info so I would not have to spend a lot of time tracking down the information.

Kristina Calvey - Yelp

I cannot even begin to echo everyone elses positive reviews about Carlos. Carlos was our real estate agent who helped my husband and I purchase our first home. Carlos really took the time out to explain every detail to us, and his wife Denise made herself available to us as well. Carlos really took us through the home buying process with as much care, caution, and attentiveness as if he were buying his own home. Carlos responded to my husband and I in a timely manner and gave us advice and guidance every step of the way. Carlos also referred us to our mortgage broker when we expressed having difficulties with the one we had chosen ourselves. We went with Carlos's referral and it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. The level of competence and skill at what he does in his trade of real estate is something that is very apparent and made my husband and I feel assured throughout the process of buying a home.

Susana Mercado - Yelp

Carlos and Denise helped my parents with the purchase of their first investment property, as well as guided them through a potential purchase of a second home. Carlos and Denise are very patient and offer superb service to their customers. Purchasing a home is a huge commitment, so its comforting to have realtors such as them to assure that the process is as seamless as possible.

I definitely recommend Carlos and Denise if you are looking for a personable team that does not make you feel pressured! No one wants pushy sales people during such a huge investment and life decision!

Sunil P. - Yelp

Denise and Carols are gem , a real and rare. It's one the toughest season to buy a home and in good home where competition are super high , they helped me buy my home. I'm extremely satisfied with them. They're super skilled to get your home. They're super nice to deal with not at all pushy, always there when you need them ( even after you get your home ). They make the entire home buying process seamless. I highly recommend them for any real estate need and I bet you won't regret.

Ganya Kim - Yelp

Carlos is an extremely knowledgable, conscientious, and trustworthy realtor. We were looking to buy our first home, and had no idea how to go about finding an experienced realtor that we could really trust. Carlos came highly recommended to me by friends/coworkers who had purchased homes with him.

After our first meeting with Carlos, we knew that we wanted to work with him. He was ** very ** patient throughout the whole process. He helped us figure out what kind of home we were looking for based on our priorities and plans for the future. He helped us figure out what cities would best suit our needs, wants, and preferred budget. He was available at all hours by phone and email, and was extremely responsive. In the tight market, he was also very fast-acting and many times we would go out and see homes just hours after they went on the market (and days before the open house).

He also was instrumental in navigating us through the offer process in the current state of limited inventory and multiple bids. He would pull comps and we would have lengthy discussions about what would be an appropriate offer for a given house. He was also very respectful of staying within our budget range, and was very honest with us when a particular house would most likely go over what we were willing to pay.

Because Carlos is very experienced, he has good relationships with other realtors in the field, and he also knows how to work well with the realtors that he is encountering for the first time. This was helpful for us because he was able to glean information that would ultimately give us a better understanding of the market and what we needed to do to put in a successful offer.

Even after the purchase transaction was done, Carlos gave us great recommendations for contractors that we used for renovations, pest, electric, etc. We still contact him whenever we have questions and he is always quick to respond.

All in all, we are extremely happy that we went with Carlos, and he will be our realtor for as long as we're in the Bay Area!

Greg S. - Yelp

When my wife and I started toying with the idea of selling our condo and looking for a single family home, I asked exactly two people, who did not know each other, for realtor suggestions. They both immediately and enthusiastically said the same names -- Denise and Carlos Padilla.

The realtor we used to buy our condo back in 2008 came recommended and I was fairly satisfied with the service I received, but I can tell you now that I had no idea what I what missing. The Padilla Group (we worked mostly with Denise but Carlos helped as well) is in a league of their own.

Denise is patient, knowledgable, friendly, professional, organized, and incredibly hard-working. But if I had to pick one word that comes to mind when I think of the relationship we have built with her, it is Trust. Every step of the way, she proved that she was interested in doing what was best for us, not trying to close a deal and make a buck. And really, what could be more important in choosing someone to guide you through such a monumental step?

A few other thoughts:
- great for first time homebuyers but excellent for those more experienced as well
- great for buyers or sellers, condos or houses, homes or investments
- very handy and go the extra mile!
- great referrals for everything from lenders to handymen -- everyone we worked with did great work at good prices, and earned/valued their reputation (hard to find these days)
- while Denise was always clear that the decisions were ours, I found it very refreshing that she would actually offer an opinion when asked.
- Denise is warm and friendly but not at all afraid to go to bat for you.
- Denise and Carlos are super-responsive and have excellent communication skills. We worked with them for months and were always in the loop, and never had to wait long for a response (be it phone, email, or text).
- Home buying and selling can be a lengthy, frustrating process, especially in this market. Denise and Carlos maintained a positive, constructive attitude throughout, and always helped mitigate our stress.
- They don't take on more than they can chew -- we never once felt like we were competing for their time.

Well, this review has gone on long enough and you've got some property to buy or sell -- there are lots of tough choices ahead of you but the first one is easy -- give Carlos and Denise a call. They will make sure that you are glad you did.

E. C. - Yelp

I asked one of my former neighbors who their agent was, considering that they had the highest selling condo in our complex up to that point. He referred me to Carlos and Denise with a glowing recommendation. Denise handled the entire sale up until the end, as I was no longer living in the unit and in fact now lived out of state. From working with my property manager to transfer the unit and keys to her, to repainting, staging, taking pictures, and listing the unit, she did everything! Even I was impressed by the photos of my unit! It could not have been a more wonderful experience for me. I never once worried that they weren't going to do the best job possible. They never once let me down, even when Denise gave birth (!!!) right before the first open house! (Carlos ended up taking over till the end.) Now that the unit is sold and closed, I will refer Carlos and Denise Padilla to anyone who will listen! (And in case you were wondering, my former neighbor no longer has the record sale in our complex anymore... I do!) :)

Katherine Puglisi - Yelp

From our first meeting, Carlos was well organized, professional and just plain pleasant. His real estate knowledge was clear from the start and helped us time and time again throughout our search. He knows what to watch for and what to ask, and he always looked out for us first and foremost. I'm convinced his experience working with selling agents, and negotiating and presenting offers is why we were able to get our home.

He's also a great communicator and listener. With something as big as buying a home, constant communication was a must for me. Carlos made himself available at all hours for our many questions and kept us informed of things big and small all along the way.

Last, but not least, he works. I wanted an agent who would proactively help us find our home, and that's exactly what Carlos did. He provided tools to help us search, but more importantly he was very involved - taking us on open house tours to learn our preferences and keeping a look out for things we might not see on our own. I could not possibly say enough good things about Carlos as an agent. He's simply the best.

Sim Gerard - Yelp

We sold our house last month and with Carlos' help we were able to get it ready within a couple of weeks and we were extremely impressed with the results. Our house looked amazing and the flyers and website were beautiful. Carlos was extremely professional and knowledgeable and he really knows the real estate market. He gave us lots of suggestions to make our house look more attractive and helped us line up several contractors to fix our house. He was always available to meet with us and made sure to keep us updated on what to expect during the selling process. We communicated everyday and no matter what time it was, he would get back to us right away. We would definitely use him again and recommend him to our friends and family.

Thank you Carlos for all your hard work! We really appreciated everything you did. :)

Annie Rau - Yelp

We recently worked with Carlos to close on a purchase in the Peninsula Area. We moved here from Chicago about 4 years ago, and lived in San Francisco, so we were not very familiar with all of the different areas. Carlos is very knowledgeable about the entire peninsula and South Bay area, and really helped us understand the pros/cons and value for money that we would be able to find in each city.

Carlos has great experience and case by case strategies for writing offers in this highly competitive market. Most beneficial for us was his network of realtors in the area - we were able to find our house, and get under contract before it even went on the market!

I highly recommend Carlos, and we'll definitely be working with him as long as we live in the Bay Area.

Lulu Curiel - Yelp

Carlos and Denise are AMAZING! Carlos is highly knowledgeable about the real estate market. He was also very patient with us as we searched for our first home while I was 8 months pregnant with our first baby. Once we decided on our home, they even helped us with negotiation tactics and everything post-purchase, such as connecting us with contractors and vendors. We were so happy with the experience that we recommended them to our parents and friends. Everyone so far has been equally grateful for their help. They even send us a reminder every year about paying our property taxes! it doesn't get any better than that.

I highly recommend Carlos and Denise. They are real people, with strong business sense, knowledge, and highly compassionate to understand people's needs.

Judy Bennett - Yelp

Carlos and Denise are the best realtors I've ever worked with -Amazing to say the least!!
They are honest, professional and knowledgeable! They have sold two of our homes - one in 2007 and our other home just last month. Everything worked out so well--I was amazed with how our home was staged and the virtual tour online was spectacular!!!! Also their negotiation strategies far exceeded my expectations!! I'm a fan!!!!!!
I would highly recommend Carlos and Denise! You will be more than satisfied!!!!!

Rick and Judy Bennett

Jeremiah Njoroge - Yelp

Worked with the Carlos and Denise on both the buying and selling side. They are an amazing team - Professional, knowledgeable, patient, very attentive to the details, they go over and above with their research. When working with them, we felt like we were their only client, that's how much attention they give their clients. Need a contractor, electrician, plumber, etc they work with amazing people. Highly recommend working with Carlos and Denise

Beatriz M. - Yelp

The Padillas have gone above and beyond for us. Carlos and Denise are knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate and incredibly responsive. They never disappoint, and have achieved top dollar and multiple offers on our homes, each time we have sold. They listened to our needs, and responded in kind. And even after the sale, they responded to our calls. The Padillas are the whole package - good, honest people who know real estate and get results!! I would recommend them again and again.

Reno Bowen - Yelp

My wife and I worked with Carlos in early 2016 to acquire a property in South San Francisco, CA. I should have written this review long ago, and the fact I still think to do so I think reflects the lasting impact he's had on us as clients.

Carlos is professional, friendly, and exceptionally organized. He will ensure that you are informed about the decision you are making and help collect information where necessary. Communication was never an issue - he is very responsive and clear.

He had great suggestions for how to improve the competitiveness of our offer, and after a couple misses we ultimately landed in a home that we've largely been quite happy with.

When we ran into issues with the home, Carlos provided a number of recommendations for contractors. One of them has been spectacular and I anticipate doing a lot of future business with them.

To this day he occasionally checks in and helps with the occasional advice my wife and I both might need as homeowners.

If you are looking to buy a home, give Carlos a call. You will not be disappointed.

Jeremy H. - Yelp

Denise was an amazing buyer's agent. She helped us buy our first home. Three great things about Denise:

1. Knowledge. She knew the Bay Area real estate market backwards and forwards. She seemed to know everything about real estate, from building materials to zoning laws. She made astute observations on the qualities of the properties we visited that I never would have noticed.

2. Availability. She prompted answered questions over email or phone. She met with us in person to see houses. She scheduled viewings and met us around our schedule.

3. Personal attentiveness. She learned our preferences and adapted recommendations. She walked us through the offer process and helped us set our offers. She reviewed the mountain of paperwork.

Thanks Denise!

Robert L. -Yelp

We highly recommend Carlos, and Denise! In the current competitive housing market, we want to partner with an exceptionally talented team in order to compete. In our unique case, when we purchased our property, we weren't the highest bid. However, Carlos was able to do his "magic", and got the property that we love.
Without repeating, we experienced the same outstanding services mentioned in the past reviews. We are delighted that Carlos, and Denise are still working very hard for their clients, and go beyond their duties after the purchase. We are extremely happy with them, and have no hesitation to use them again.

Arjun Mehra - Yelp

We were introduced to Carlos through mutual friends who had recently worked with him to purchase a home in the Peninsula, and as first-time home buyers in the insane Bay Area real estate market, we could not have asked for a better person. Carlos was incredibly helpful in explaining the process, narrowing down the neighborhoods we were looking at, and walking us through open houses, all in a way that completely deferred to our needs and desires while giving us a realistic outlook based on market conditions. Due largely to Carlos' expert guidance, we placed a successful first bid after just two weeks of open houses. Throughout the application, escrow, and closing stages, Carlos was extremely responsive and thoroughly organized, to the point where both the seller's agent and the seller proactively informed us that his professionalism was a significant factor in our winning bid.

If this were all he did, Carlos would be deserving of our highest recommendation. But Carlos consistently went above and beyond his duties by spending hours with us to walk through the many fixes and improvements we made to our house with his impeccable network of contractors, all of which have been stellar connections for a couple with no experience in home repairs. Even more impressively, Carlos' dedication to his clients continues well beyond closing. Despite it having been several months since we moved in, Carlos dropped everything on a recent holiday evening to jump on a FaceTime call from his hotel room to help troubleshoot a plumbing issue.

I cannot say enough good things about Carlos. His friendliness and hospitality (he throws a fantastic Super Bowl party!) are just icing on the cake. We have recommended him to everyone who is even remotely interested in Bay Area real estate and could not imagine having to work with anyone else in the future.

Aniket Dash - Yelp

We were introduced to Carlos through friends who had an amazing experience with him. So, we met Carlos, and what nudged us towards working with him is his vast experience and the fact that he covers almost the entire bay area. We are very happy with our decision of picking him as our realtor.
As nerve racking as a first home buying experience is, we really believe Carlos made it easier for us. His expertise in the bay area real estate market shows in his valuable insights and advice. He really brings in a professional yet personal touch to the entire process which made it really comfortable for us to work with him.
We strongly recommend him to all bay area home buyers.

Sandra Sepulveda - Yelp

I was introduced to Carlos and Denise by a friend. After knowing them for many years, the time finally came when I found myself in need of an agent. By this time, I knew that Carlos and Denise were the natural pick for who I wanted to work with for the sale of our property.
I can't stress enough how professional and responsive they both were, at every stage. They dealt with the repairs, hauling, the title company, the locksmith - I mean all the little details I just needed someone else to be on top of. They really made the process smooth. In addition, they were able to secure a purchase price and closing terms that were both much better than I had anticipated.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Carlos and Denise.

Alec D - Yelp

Denise Padilla is an amazing realtor - going above and beyond to help us find our dream home. The process was daunting, especially as a first-time home buyer, but Denise was always available for a quick call to help us understand our options and the best strategy in making an offer. Her deep knowledge of the market, neighborhoods and the process (given her years of experience) gave my wife and I the confidence we were searching in the right neighborhoods. Denise truly cares about her clients, not only protecting our interests, but moving very quickly when it gave us an advantage over other bidders. She even worked during the holidays to ensure our offer was accepted before others could even submit competitive bids. We feel lucky we were introduced to Denise. I highly recommend Denise for anyone who wants a "client-first" realtor.

Michael S. - Yelp

If you look up "perfect real estate agent" in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of Mr Carlos Padilla. :)

I was introduced to Carlos to help us find an investment property. After he took the time to tour multiple properties in San Jose with us, we threw him a curve ball and ended up wanting to buy a new primary residence in the Peninsula. We came across the house on Redfin, but Carlos did all of the legwork after that. The house was on the market for over 30 days. Carlos reached out to the listing agent the same day we brought the house to his attention. He found out that the house was about to be taken off the market for a 'facelift' (paint, new pictures, etc) and was then going to be re-posted. He recommended we put in an offer under asking, to see if they would accept our offer before they started their planned work. He was able to help us get an offer in place in about a day. They took the house off the market while they were reviewing our offer.
As luck would have it, they didn't accept our offer and countered HIGHER THAN THEIR ORIGINAL LIST PRICE!

This is when Carlos's skill and experience kicked in! Unlike other agents (who would have pushed us to increase our bid and put in another offer), Carlos recommended we wait! To basically 'call their bluff.' He believed that even with the 'facelift' and re-posting the house, the owners would not receive any offers, and they would come back to us asking to reconsider. And this is exactly what happened. They re-posted the house with new pictures, painted the kitchen cabinets and some other minor touch ups. They received a lot of foot traffic but they ended up with 0 new offers. They came back to us about a month later and we ended up buying the place.

Thank you for your sound advice and help in finding our dream home Carlos!

Alissa C. - Yelp

No better real estate pair in the Bay. Carlos and Denise will hear all your expectations and make them a reality. I appreciated the follow through each step of the process. You will never have to worry, they are always thinking one step ahead of you, anticipating your needs. Every detail was thought through. Taking it one step further, they come with several recommended and trusted vendors which saves you hours of time searching and vetting. Love this team!! Would highly recommend them if you are buying or selling.

Amey D. - Yelp

My wife and I bought our first house with Carlos as our buyer's agent. I agree with pretty much all the previous reviews and would strongly recommend Carlos and Denise's team.

Carlos was introduced to us by a common friend, and his vast experience of real estate and knowledge of neighborhoods in the bay area were the differentiating factor over other agents we considered. We were blown away by Carlos's professionalism and attention to detail throughout the process, and especially during property tours. Carlos went above and beyond his responsibilities and was responsive to our questions and on his well-deserved family vacation. In addition to guiding us through the offer, he opened his trustworthy network of professional lenders and contractors that made the process of buying a house and making it into a home bearable to us first-time buyers. For all our future real estate needs, we will look no further than the team of Carlos and Denise!

Courtney Grant - Linkedin

I have work with Carlos to purchase two Condos and sell one. He is easy to work with listens to your ideas and give good suggestions and feedback. He has a network of loan brokers and handy men which you can tap into if needed. Carlos is very professional and his first concern is you as a client and he is always looking to get you the best price possible, whether you are buying or selling. I would and have recommended Carlos to my friends.

Nicole Burns - Linkedin

Carlos is amazing to work with. He addressed all of our needs and concerns in a timely fashion. Whenever we had questions, he was extremely honest and informative.

Shafic Oueini - Linkedin

Carlos helped us purchase our current home few years back. He was always on the lookout for our best-interest and demonstrated great patience as we were looking around for properties. It was a pleasure working with Carlos and his team. We will seek their services for our next real-estate project.

Kenny Mendes - Linkedin

Carlos Padilla is my trusted advisor with all matters real estate. He played a critical role in my home search and helped me find my ideal property within budget quickly. We first spoke six months prior to me starting the process and he armed me with all the information and advice I needed to prepare for a purchase. During my house search, he was incredibly accessible and met with me regularly to view properties, including a last-minute 9 AM meeting on his birthday! Carlos knows the market inside and out and always went out of his way to make sure the entire process went smoothly. He has also closed searches for several members of my family and all of us have nothing but great things to say about him.

Chris Hardin - Linkedin

I have worked with Carlos twice. He helped me get my first condo and then my first single family home. He provides great results, he is very detail oriented, provides unmatched customer service, and goes the extra mile to get you what you want. I would and have recommend Carlos to anyone I know that is looking into purchasing real estate. Carlos also makes himself available to offer real estate advise even after the purchase is made.

Lulu Curiel - Linkedin

My husband and I have moved multiple times across the country. From our experience, Carlos is by far the best Real State agent that we ever worked with.

He comes from and Engineering background, which over-prepares him for understanding the real estate market from an analytical point of view. He is detailed, meticulous, and has your best interest at heart. Secondly, he has an extensive reliable network of contractors that can help you remodel your home after you buy one. Thirdly, Carlos is patient and personable. At the negotiation table, he pushes hard the other party so that he can get the big win for you.

We liked him so much that we recommended him to our own parents and close friends. It has been our pleasure to work with Carlos and if we ever needed a real estate agent again, we would use him with no doubt!

Huang Pan - Linkedin

I've had Carlos help me remodel and sell 2 condos, each time for top dollar for the given market environment (both good and bad.) Carlos is not only a real estate agent, but an investor as well. He knows the market inside and out and has many helpful connections in the industry. I've known Carlos for a long time - Carlos is very honest and has a high amount of integrity.

Gemma Suh - Linkedin

I highly recommend Carlos as a real estate agent. He puts his clients' interests first and educates you so that you reach the right decision on your own, rather than pressuring you. Thanks to him, my husband and I avoided making some bad decisions in the frustration of searching for a home in this tough market. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of home buying, responsive, and professional. He also has a large network of contacts, and I've been pleased with every single referral he's provided for home inspection, repair, and other services.

Yuli Mendez - Google

I cannot speak highly enough of Carlos and Denise. They are the most professional, honest and caring agents out there. They genuinely care about their clients and put their client's needs and priorities above all else. They are with you every step of the way and work hard to do the best job. Highly recommend them!

Robert Leung - Facebook

We highly recommend Carlos, and Denise! In the current competitive housing market, we want to partner with an exceptionally talented team in order to compete. In our unique case, when we purchased our property, we weren’t the highest bid. However, Carlos was able to do his “magic”, and got the property that we love.
Without repeating, we experienced the same outstanding services mentioned in the past reviews. We are delighted that Carlos, and Denise are still working very hard for their clients, and go beyond their duties after the purchase. We are extremely happy with them, and have no hesitation to use them again.

Anya Boynton - Facebook

The detail and care the Padilla Group took landed us our dream home in a very competitive market! They also sold our home for much more then we expected in short time. We completely trusted them to work out the details of buying and selling our homes and were rewarded greatly! Denise and Carlos are amazing and I will be recommending them to all my family and friends who are in need of their services. Thank you Padilla Group!

Gerardo 'Gerry' Padilla - Facebook

Bought a duplex at an amazing price for the area.

Jason Christopher Fielder - Facebook

Outstanding couple with extraordinary integrity. I am blessed to be a vendor of this group. Working with individuals like Carlos and Denise confirms to me that there is still a very strong moral fiber still present in our society.

Amos M. - Outbound Engine

Carlos and Denise are the most professional Real Estate Brokers. They've gone out of their way to educate me on investing and big gotchas to look out for before buying a home. Happy to have them as part of my trusted Network!

Beatriz - Zillow

Carlos Padilla is a remarkable, experienced, knowledgeable, and very effective realtor who knows the market, and worked with us to meet our real estate needs. He and his team helped us every step of the way, and made the escrow experience painless. We would definitely recommend him as a realtor. Carlos went above and beyond.

Kristal Barnes - Yelp

Carlos and Denise are an amazing team! They are extremely professional and go above and beyond. They helped us manage every step of the way while we sold our first home and simultaneously purchased a new one. They have incredible relationships with vendors which was key in getting our house prepped for the market in a timely manner. They never ceased to amaze us with their responsiveness and were always one step ahead. We had complete confidence in all of their recommendations when it came to both the sale and purchase. Their knowledge of the market and their experience put our minds at ease. It really solidified our opinion on the difference a fantastic realtor makes when our house went on the market a week after our next door neighbor's did and our house (in similar condition) sold first and above asking. Carlos and Denise know what they are doing and are perfectionists which really pays off (literally and figuratively)! Don't hesitate - just use them!

Sam C. - Yelp

Carlos is just the most top notch, professional, and knowledgeable realtor in the industry. We highly highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell or buy a property. We have been looking for a home since July 2019 and our paths crossed during an open house he was hosting. We had a short but thorough conversation with Carlos that we knew we had to ask him to be our buying agent.

As a first time home buyer, we had so many questions and uncertainties but Carlos met with us at his office and took the time to explain the buying process and made sure we had a good understanding of what we're getting into. We went to numerous open houses with Carlos and asked him so many questions, but he was always so patient and understanding of our needs. Carlos took the time to understand our likes and dislikes for a home and recommended properties that he thinks we would like. Moreover, Carlos has a very good understanding of different areas and neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

After months of searching, we finally found a home we liked and were eager to put an offer in before the sellers set an offer deadline and Carlos pulled through for us last minute. Despite his busy schedule, he got on the phone with us and talked us through the process and worked with us on a comfortable offer. Carlos always worked so diligently in making sure we are totally comfortable with the properties we look at, never pushed us to make an offer for something we didn't 100% liked, and always gave us his honest opinions on the value of the properties we look at.

During the closing process of the purchase, Carlos helped us with the loans and communications with the title company. Even after we moved in, he still checked in with us to make sure the move went smoothly and to see if we had other concerns or questions that he may help us with. He truly cares not only about his job, but especially his clients. His professionalism and knoweledge is what makes him good but all the little things he does for his clients is what makes him amazing. Having someone as informed and caring as Carlos made the entire process so much easier and more pleasant than going through it alone. I would definitely recommend anyone in the market to work with Carlos; you won't regret it.

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Carlos and Denise Padilla are a true power couple! Super nice and down to earth been working with them for a few years now and they’re always so respectful and very friendly. I highly recommend them you will not regret it at all!